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An Acronym for Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer used in rehabilitation therapies to reduces pain, stimulates venous drainage & significantly reduces both muscular and back pain.

  • Used to treat disorders such as sprains, tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarticular distractions, chronic arthralgias, contractures, strains and muscular tears, myositis, pathologies of joint capsules, arthritic processes, lumbago and sciatica.
  • Widely useful for treating all types of sports injuries.
  • Effects of TECAR Therapy
    • reduces pain
    • improves superficial and deep blood circulation
    • improves tissue regeneration
    • stimulates venous and lymphatic drainage
    • affects the restoration of metabolic balance activity
  • Indications For Treatment
    • various muscular pathologies (contracture, muscle tears, bruises and swelling)
    • injuries, osteoarticular distractions and wear of the joints (shoulder, hip, knee, ankle joints)
    • pathology of the elbow, wrist and arm (epicondylitis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome)
    • cervical, thoracic and lumbar pathology
    • inflammation and damage to the Achilles tendon, and patellar ligament
    • tendonitis and calcination in the area of the shoulder
    • joint acute and chronic edema
  • Double frequency: 300KHZ and 448KHZ make RET and CET really different in deep and superficial penetration.The deeper penetration of RET can reach 10 CM without energy loss.
  • Multiple optional handles: Fascia set, D80mm handle, Foot pad, and T-shape handle for specific body parts
  • Upgraded interface: Upgraded interface. Display the recommended treatment protocols for ten body parts
  • Unique design: Easier to adjust parameters with rotary switch.
  • Larger screen: 10.4 inch LED touch screen
  • Multi-language: Default: English and Spanish
  • Higher power: 300W output. Stable energy transfer